Borrowing Assessment Tool

Is a LRBA right for me?

Too often super fund trustees buy property with the intention of borrowing to acquire the asset without conducting any proper due diligence’s. To assist you with your financial modelling SMSF Works has released a new assessment tool “ is a LRBA right for you”. The purpose of the assessment is to help establish if borrowing to buy a property is a viable option for your clients before they sign the contract of sale.

Anyone advising clients to establish a LRBA must be licensed to do so and the advice must be supported by a written Statement of Advice (SOA).

SMSF Works can produce the SOA, if required and Bare Trust documents on behalf of the SMSF trustees.

The assessment tool takes into account the client’s personal circumstances in assessing and reaching a conclusion. SMSF Works then produce the SOA and establishment documents for you to present to your client.